Sunday, 5 March 2017

Meeting Laura Boyd for Bowel Cancer Charity Book at Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

Out of all the photos that I have done in the two previously published fundraising book, and now the new third book, photographing Scottish Television presenter Laura Boyd is the furthest that I have travelled to take a picture. I had originally approached Laura to be in the Lives & Times book, but unfortunately we weren't able to make that happen, so I was really happy to get the opportunity this time around.

Laura has her own ongoing battle with leukemia since she was diagnosed in 2009. She epitomizes positivity and living life to the full that I have seen in so many people with cancer. This will be reflected in the photo that I have chosen to use in the forthcoming book, which is not the photo that I had planned to use... All will become clear in the book.

We met at Kelvingrove Park in the centre of Glasgow, which was somewhere where I could safely park with the dogs. Our midday meeting also allowed me to make a brief visit to Balloch Castle on Loch Lomond in the morning, which was a great location suggested by Laura. She was lovely to talk to and was very relaxed for the photos, which made my job, both enjoyable, and very straight forward.

This will be a great chapter to write up, and Laura's first record is an absolute belter! 😉

The book is being done in memory of my Mum, who passed away in August 2016, after a 4 year battle with bowel cancer. All funds raised from sales will be donated to the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. The book will also help raise awareness about this awful illness, which is the 2nd highest cancer killer in the UK. Yet if detected early it is very treatable in 90% of cases.

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