Saturday, 8 October 2016

Actress Susan George To Take Part in the New Bowel Cancer Charity Book

I am really pleased to reveal that actress Susan George has agreed to be in the new bowel cancer book. I first came into contact with Susan through Mike Read, who features in the Lives & Times bowel cancer charity book that I published in 2015. It has so far raised over £2500 for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity. Susan, like my late mother, has a love for Arabian horses. She has been breeding them for over 20 years, and she very kindly invited Mum to go an visit the stud farm on Exmoor. Unfortunately Mum's failing health, once the cancer spread to her brain, meant that it didn't happen. My mother lost her four year battle with bowel cancer on August 29th. 

So this is one chapter in the book where I have a good idea on what might be a nice way to do it. The idea is to photograph Susan at the stud farm, making the trip that Mum was unable to do. My own knowledge of horses is very limited, so it will be a fascinating experience getting to know a little bit more about Susan and the Arabian horses.

Susan's husband, the actor Simon MacCorkindale, was sadly taken by bowel cancer in 2010. Susan has set up Lasting Life, the Simon MacCorkindale Legacy raising funds for cancer, specific needs and RAFT, a pioneering medical research organisation.

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